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Tonality Shifting Warm-Ups

SKU: CB-0001
  • These are the popular Tonality Shifting Warm-Ups that are currently in use by bands across the U.S.  They have been showcased numerous times by esteemed director Alex Kaminsky and the award-winning Buchholz High School Wind Symphony during their national convention appearances.  This new edition features the original F major series plus a complete new series based on B-flat major.  The new series completes the warm-up, as it covers major tonalities not addressed by the F series.  Also included is a new set of flexibility exercises with woodwind major scales not covered in the original flexibility section, plus a B-flat chorale which concludes the warm-up.  Beautifully edited and presented on 9” x 12”concert sized paper, this warm-up is a must for all serious wind bands.

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