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These march-sized books feature over 30 holiday selections musically arranged for ensembles of four low brass.

They are organized on facing pages into several groups of three carols which share a common theme.  These groups of three can be performed continuously as longer selections, if desired.  In addition to Yuletide hymn favorites and secular Christmas classics, there is also a section featuring Hanukkah tunes.  The top three books are available in either bass clef or Bb treble clef, and the bottom book is available in standard bass clef and also an 8va basso version for bass players.  An optional drum book is also available.  To purchase, click on any single book cover, or the full package which includes all four bass clef parts plus drums and a free score book.  Bb treble clef books or the 8vb bass book may be purchased separately.  For audio samples, click on players at the bottom of the page. 

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